Caz is the founder and curator of Taylor’d Bundles; a unique maternity gifting service. 

It used to be the case that those blessed with both time and a creative eye made the best gift buyers; but not anymore. The Taylor’d Bundles service offers a helping hand to anyone needing to organise a truly special gift for a cherished Mum or baby, or perhaps both! A Taylor’d Bundle is guaranteed to make new parents smile, whether you choose a bundle from the collection, mix and match your own products or have the time to curate a bundle from scratch with the team. 

Caz spends a huge amount of time searching the UK for the hottest emerging hand-makers and creators and her design team currently boasts over 20 collaborators. Together they work closely to create one-of-a-kind maternity gifts.

Since the official launch in 2014, Taylor’d Bundles has created bundles for businesses including Revlon, Vodafone, Hasbro and Jack Wills and has featured in publications such as Baby London, My Baba and Mummy to name a few.

‘… imagine a best friend, who loves your business nearly as much as you do, and wants you to get the most from your business and the whole experience, and there you have it.’
– Caz Taylor

Mentored by: Chupi Sweetman 

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