Mentor MatcHER Launch Event

Mentor MatcHER launch event took place at Condé Nast College on international women’s day hosting Conversations With Her to hundreds of inspirational women including blogger Freddie Harrel.

Founde, Mariam Mola, divulged her story for the first time creating an atmosphere of transparency with all the speakers who spoke about their personal journeys as well as their highs and lows. The women were later invited to apply for a mentor on our programme. The panel were interviewed by Red Magazines fashion features director Alice Olins also one half of The Step Up Club.

Speakers and Mentors included:

  • Sarah Curran MBE Non Exec French Connection
  • Alisha Miranda philanthropy adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Alexia Hargraves former PA to Richard Branson of 7 years
  • Michelle van Vuuren CEO Sotheby’s Realty
  • Fiona McIntosh founder of Blow Ltd
  • Cash & Rockets Founder Julie Brangstrup
  • Lauren Stephenson Co-Founder of Aisle 8 Communications
  • One half of Claudi & Fin Lucy Woodhouse
  • Adria Wu founder of Maple and Fitz

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