Mafalda Borea

Having moved from Lisbon to London to study Dance at the Rambert School followed by an Arts Management course at UCL, Mafalda, through her determination and a mail out of of 100 CV’s, won an internship at the CNN International PR Department.

She ended up making a career in Media out of it and stayed at CNN for 13 years….

By the time she left she was heading up CNN’s Advertising and Sponsorship division working with clients based in Southern Europe & the CIS region, supported CNN’s editorial team in creating sponsor worthy content alongside managing a wonderful team of hardworking and focused women!

In 2011, Mafalda and her Madrid based business partner, co­founded Key Media.

A boutique representation agency that exclusively represents the CNN Newsgroup and A&E Networks in Spain and Portugal creating advertising solutions and sponsor worthy TV/WEB content tailor made for clients from the region.

Mafalda found her career path blessed in the form of some formidable mentors.

So as a true believer in personal potential and the importance of mentorship, she now loves to share her experiences and to help steer and inspire women starting out in the world of business.

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