Hannah Gee is the owner of Love Inc. Ltd, an award winning gift and interiors shop.

Hannah designs a number of award winning products herself and has been featured on the BBC and channel 4, in Red magazine and Ideal Home amongst others. Love Inc. has steadily grown its tribe of loyal followers, who know they will always find something new and creative to satisfy their needs.

To date Hannah has designed a number of award winning luxury homewares including children’s educational placemats; hand poured, scented candles, etched with inspirational quotes that shine through the glass, and is just releasing a LED neon lighting range, which will be available in a big department store in London soon.

Love Inc. sells a selection of unique gifts and interior products from around the world. When Hannah isn’t developing products, she is collaborating with new designers and promoting the best new talent in the UK, through her shop.

“Love Inc. is based on an ethos of collaborate, elevate and empower. We believe that creativity can change the world, it changes our environments for the better, opens up dialogue and empowers each of us individually.”

Since being part of the mentor matcher programme I have been empowered from my very first meeting. The atmosphere at the meetings is pretty magic, spiritual even. Being able to directly ask questions to a number of women who are leaders in their fields…where else would you be able to do that?

To hear their stories, both the successes and failures, and learn from them, is an incredible opportunity. The small workshops, with women, I never thought I would be honoured to meet, have been so insightful. The information and experience is freely given out so that I can action their advice in my business the very next day.

The other women attending the meetings have been equally supportive and inspirational. We can share our own experience and successes, so that everyone is empowered and can help each other out. Being matched with your very own mentor also helps as you have a personal dialogue and relationship with one individual, who has already built their own successful empire.

When you run your own business, you are constantly facing new challenges, and the ability to ask someone who has experienced most problems small businesses face, whether it is financial, employment, legal, PR, copyright etc. is invaluable. I am so excited to be at the beginning of my journey with mentor matcher, an organisation that shares the same goals and ethos as we do at Love Inc.

Being able to directly ask questions to a number of women who are leaders in their fields…where else would you be able to do that? – Hannah Gee

Mentored by: Michelle Boon 

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