Bag&bones, a modern and youthful brand, was dreamt up by Irish sisters, Gigi & Cav Foyle.

With a background in science and a passion for interiors, founder, neon light designer and visionary behind the brand, Gigi, combines her love of street culture, art and fashion to create innovative and contemporary neon art grounded in high quality and unmistakable design.

Alongside, resident bag&bones artist, Cav, the girls have created a debut collection showcasing 8 designs featuring awe ­inspiring pieces from a pink flamingo to David Bowie lyrics “We want bag&bones neon to be all about fun, ebullience and most of all an effervescent joie de vivre.”

After all, who wouldn’t want their name or their their logo in lights – it’s the ultimate in self-expression with a sprinkle of self­indulgence!

The seed for bag&bones was planted after Gigi spotted a gap in the market for beautiful neon­style lighting (without the neon gas!) that was as visually impactful as traditional glass neon – so famously delicate and logistically challenging to transport and install.

In a world where people and brands are becoming increasingly mobile, bag&bones were determined to find a safe and artistic solution for the home, office and commercial premises alike. That’s why bag&bones focused on developing pieces that are lightweight, robust and easily transportable.

And of course, the lights have to be eco-friendly too. The result is a range of ‘stop­you­in­your­stride’ lights that private homes, corporate offices, wedding venues and trade show exhibition

“We want bag&bones neon to be all about spaces are welcoming with open arms thanks to the absence of neon gas”.

“I’m very grateful and hope that one day, I’ll be in position to give back to other girls, girls, what these amazing women have done for me” – Gigi Foyle

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