Nicola Rae-­Wickham is the founder of A Life More Inspired and is on a mission to help women realise how amazing they are through Beautiful Everyday Reminders of Inspiration. Supporting them to follow their dreams and find their version of happy.

A Life More Inspired is a platform which includes an online shop, community and 1­2­1 support. It is designed to take all things woo woo and spiritual and turn them into something that can not only enhance women’s lives but more importantly help them to take action on finding their everyday joy.

Nicola is mum to an adorable toddler, says ‘LOVE’ way too much and has a thing for Snapchat. Having enjoyed a successful career in marketing, becoming a mother gave her the confidence to pursue her passion.

Mentor Matcher has been an amazing experience. Being matched with my mentor, Hayley Southward, has been a blessing and the motivation and support from her and the MentorMatcher team is invaluable. This coupled with the opportunity to connect with likeminded women and having access to such a variety of experts means that it has already exceeded my expectations. Hearing everyone’s stories shows me what it is possible.

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