Jessica is a professional hair and makeup artist, whose passion for all things beauty has seen her work across a broad range of genres such as film, tv, music, bridal and fashion.

She has assisted some of the top makeup artists and hair stylists, on shoots for the likes of Vogue, Tatler, Stylist and Glamour magazine.

Her fascination originally came from her mum, who was never seen without a face of makeup and was always teaching the importance of skincare. Sadly, Jessica’s mum passed away last year from breast cancer, which sparked a need and an idea to give back to those who helped throughout their journey and bring beauty back into the clinical world of cancer patients.

Having witnessed the needs of women who are undergoing treatments first hand and their struggles with losing their femininity, Pennies and Feathers aims to help with the physical side effects of treatments, to the skin, by developing an edit of beauty products that use 100% natural and organic ingredients that nourish and protect dry and sensitive areas, whilst also giving women their confidence back to feel beautiful and ultimately themselves.

No longer will they need to worry about putting extra chemicals onto their bodies. They will have a brand which is designed with them in mind, allowing them to feel safe and still enjoy the daily rituals of being a woman. As we all know, a swipe of lipstick can really help us feel confident to face the day!

Pennies and Feathers will also aim to work alongside smaller, independent charities who help people to live with cancer and give them the confidence, knowledge and support to maintain the best quality of life through a diagnosis.

These charities are vital, as more and more people are able to live with cancer for longer, and the brand will provide funding from the profits to enable them to keep doing this amazing job and hopefully reach more people.

Being a StartUp brand can be very daunting and lonely, however since finding Mentor MatcHER it has given me the confidence and drive to want to push forwards even harder. – Jessica Hurley

Mentored by: Genevieve Nikolopolus

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