About Mentor MatcHER

Women entrepreneurs account for 37 per cent of all new businesses in the UK and employ 7.9 million people. Yet even as they continue to innovate and shape our business landscape the advice and resources they deserve to flourish are still denied to them.

In the modern business world this is unacceptable.

Enter Mentor MatcHER: a unique initiative connecting women in business with some of the UK’s most accomplished and resourceful female power-players and business gurus.

What Women Want

Our 60 (and growing) entrepreneurs and corporate innovators come from the worlds of fashion, film, beauty, art, business social media and more. Through Mentor MatchHER they each share the secrets of their success, providing wisdom and empowerment to the successful businesswomen of the future with unrivalled wisdom and experience to encourage and support more women into enterprise.

Choose How To Grow

With Europe’s largest lineup of female entrepreneurs we have already empowered over 200 women through skills transfer and one-to-one speed mentoring experiences. This is nowhere more evident than at our events, where mentors and mentees join together at ‘in conversation’ discussions. Here they share their experiences and advice as well as valuable insights around the challenges and triumphs associated with being a woman in business.

We also encourage young and less advantaged women and girls to uncover and release their commercial talents, by streaming events and speed-mentoring sessions to female prisons, mother and baby units and schools across Britain.

Ready To Connect?

If you’re a woman looking for support in your business or career, or feel you have the experience and wisdom to mentor other women starting out on their journey, please get in touch. Or signup to our newsletter below be notified of our next event.

Mentee Quote

‘… imagine a best friend, who loves your business nearly as much as you do, and wants you to get the most from your business and the whole experience, and there you have it.’
– Caz Taylor

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